Advanta Platinum with Rewards Customized Business Card


For those business owners looking to consolidate their expenses onto one credit card, the Advanta Platinum Rewards Customized Business Card is an excellent choice. After all, what could be easier than tracking your company’s expenditures than doing it through one simple to read statement. In addition to easing your accounting procedures, this offer is one of the best business credit cards when it comes to earning rewards and saving on business related expenditures.

With this card your business will save 5% in the form of rebates on purchases that include gas, computers, office supplies, electronics, utilities and online advertising. There are also cash rebates on all other purchases made with the card based on the dollar amount spent with no limit on the amount of rebates you can earn. As with all credit card offers, be sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions that accompany the card before you apply.

If you currently carry a monthly balance on one or more business credit cards then you may want to consider the balance transfer feature that Advanta offers. The interest free introductory period also applies to cash advances. You can potentially save a substantial amount of money by transferring balances from cards that currently charge a high APR on cash advances and to carry a balance. This card has one of the lowest interest rates of any business credit card offer and there is no annual fee.

Many business owners appreciate the fact that they can fully customize their card to reflect their business. You can have your business name and logo put on the card as well as any image of your choosing. Of course, you and your employees will also enjoy all the benefits and protection that Advanta Platinum card holders have come to expect. Compare it along with the other leading business credit card offers to see which best fits your specific needs.

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