American Express Blue – Reward Yourself


American Express Blue benefits its cardholders in several ways. First and foremost it is a rewards based credit card. For each dollar spent using the card, one rewards point is earned. Rewards points can be redeemed for a wide array of goods and services which include travel, retail merchandise and entertainment. These are not just a few select companies that Amex deals with mind you, but the leading companies that you know and trust.

Blue from American Express also offers 0% APR for up to 15 months on new purchases. In addition to low interest balance transfer rates, there is no annual fee and you have the option to pay in full each billing cycle or to carry a balance and pay over time. In order to qualify for the American Express Blue Card, or any American Express small business credit card, applicants must demonstrate responsible spending habits and have a strong credit history.

When completing an online credit card application the acceptance process takes minutes, as opposed to days or weeks. And of course, American Express Blue is covered with security programs that include buyer protection, extended warranties, travel insurance and full theft and fraud protection. Great rates and generous rewards programs are what makeBlue from American Express a valuable financial tool.

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