Chase TravelPlus Visa Card


When you need a credit card that gives you rewards point that can be redeemed for travel, where do you look? The Chase TravelPlus Visa Card is the perfect card to gain travel rewards. With the Chase travel rewards credit card you can actually choose the type of reward you wish to receive. It can be in airline tickets, cash, and gift cards among other choices. This Chase rewards card gives you options so you aren’t limited to just airline tickets rewards. When you start using your Chase Travel Visa Card on travel related purchases you can begin earning 2 miles for every $1 spent. Travel purchases can be classified as:

• Airline Purchases
• Car Rental Agencies
• Lodging Establishments

You can also earn rewards points on regular purchases as well. When you make regular purchases you can earn 1 mile for each dollar spent. Regular purchases can include, but are not limited to the following:

• Grocery Purchases
• Clothing Purchases
• Appliance Purchases

The Chase TravelPlus Visa Card rewards you for your everyday spending habits. Why not get some kind of return on things you have to buy anyways? It’s almost like getting something for nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Once you accrue your travel rewards with your Chase Credit Cards you can then choose how you want to redeem them. This credit card doesn’t just limit your options to airfare; they allow you to choose how you wish to travel. You can choose from airline tickets, hotel accommodations, cruises, and car rentals. They then further your options by not restricting where you choose to travel. You can travel domestically or internationally without the worry of blackout dates.

Using your Chase TravelPlus Visa Card is the perfect way to make an upcoming vacation a little easier. It might even inspire you to travel to destinations that you didn’t consider before. This travel rewards program opens your life the world of possibility.

What other benefits can you expect when you use your Chase TravelPlus Visa Card? The benefits and features offered to cardholders include:

• Emergency Cash and Card Replacement Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
• Travel Accident Insurance
• Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
• Travel and Emergency Assistance
• Warranty Manager
• Year-End Summary Statement (upon request)
• Dining Privileges
• Concierge Service
• Lost Luggage Insurance
• Purchase Security
• Roadside Dispatch
• Baggage Delay
• Visa Signature Privileges

The Chase TravelPlus Visa Card gives the advantages of a rewards card with so much more. It also gives you a piece of mind while traveling, whether it be by land, air, or boat, this travel rewards card is there for all of your needs.

You even have the option to conduct balance transfers if you currently carry balances with high interest rates with other credit card issuers. If you wish, you can consolidate balances from existing credit cards onto this card so that you can designate it as your sole credit card and eliminate the hassle of multiple credit card bills. The more you use yourChase TravelPlus Visa Card, the more you can spend in rewards points on travel options.

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