The Chase TravelPlus Visa credit card can be quite beneficial to consumers that travel often. This rewards card gives cardholders one mile for every dollar spent on retail purchases and two miles for every dollar spent on travel related purchases. Rewards miles can then be redeemed for hotel reservations, airline tickets, car rentals, popular tourist attractions and gift certificates.

Unlike many travel rewards programs offered through competing banks and credit card issuers, the Chase TravelPlus Visa card has no restrictions and no blackout dates. There is also no limit to the amount of points card holders can accrue. While there is no annual fee for this travel rewards credit card offer, there is a small fee to participate in the rewards program. For those that travel frequently the fee is minimal when compared to the benefits received.

Note that to qualify for this card the applicant will have to have established a very good credit rating. for those approved the annual percentage rate charged is determined by the cardholder’s credit history. Of course, if you pay your balance in full at the end of every billing cycle then the APR won’t matter. There is also a 0% APR for all new purchases and balance transfers. Be sure to carefully review the terms and features laid out in the application before you apply.