Credit card issuing banks and financial institutions often offer credit cards that allow customers to earn airline mile credits when they make any purchase on the card. Airline credit cards work similar to reward cards in a way because the card holders have to accumulate points in order to redeem them for air travel tickets.

Basically, there can be two kinds of airline credit cards as mentioned below:
Credit Cards for Specific Airlines
Airline specific credit cards, like the name suggests, have an affiliation with a specific airline. The points are awarded to the card holder on using it for purchases and also for traveling by the specified airline. Some of the credit cards may offer some more perks such as double points for purchasing the tickets of the affiliated airline.

General Airline Credit Cards
General airline cards allow the card holders to redeem the acquired points for air tickets of any airline from booking centers, online travel websites or travel agents. This kind of airline card does not compel you to redeem the points on a specific airline and so you are free to choose the airline that best suits your travel requirements. But, as a generic airline credit card is not associated with a single airline, the customers do not have the facility to score points while traveling through air. Although, the card holders gain travel miles on each dollar on the card that they use to purchase.

Airline credit cards are very advantageous to people who travel through air frequently. Also, the airline specific cards have another benefit for those who are loyal to a particular airline. They can search for an offer which is associated with their preferred airline and enjoy the benefits of traveling through it. These credit cards can also help you to plan your vacation tours and trips.