On the market, there is always a concept of virtual credit card, although many credit card holders still do not know what it is exactly this. The virtual credit card was launched to facilitate online shopping, because many dealers on the Internet only offer to pay by credit card, in which many potential customers have to suffer in the absence of such a card, and therefore no deal was possible. Through the virtual credit card such customers should be addressed which are rejected to shop for not having the credit cards in general.

The difference from a normal credit card is that you get no real plastic card in the hand, but merely acredit card credit card number, with which one can then receive payments on the internet or in other words that the virtual credit card is run only on prepaid basis. So, one has to first transfer a certain amount of money as a credit on his virtual credit card account, in order to make payments on the Internet.

Meanwhile, it is even possible to have a virtual credit card as a plastic card, but even then it contains no magnetic strip, but serves only to read the credit card number at any time. The management of the virtual credit card account is only possible online by the way, but the virtual credit card account is free of charge. To replenish the account, you need to have a referral active from a checking account, since cash payments directly to the virtual credit card account is not possible.

The virtual credit card is relatively limited compared to other credit cards because they can really be used only for online shopping. Here comes the advantage of the VCC, because there is virtually no possibility to steal the virtual credit card. Its use is also great for safety. In addition, it should be mentioned about the easy handling, which makes shopping on the Internet a truly relaxing experience.