Chase has been a leader in the credit card industry for some time, and with that leadership has come a commitment to providing excellent Chase Visa credit cards to those credit consumers in the middle of the pack when it comes to credit histories and payment reports. They offer a strong selection of cards meeting almost any imaginable need and theme, with most of the cards offering a wide selection of offers and incentives. We’ll take a look at some of these cards and see what might fit your purchasing needs best.

Chase Freedom Cash Visa Signature Card

Chase offers the Freedom Cash Signature Visa for those who want the freedom to earn rewards toward merchandise, dining, and travel. With this card, you can take particular advantage of Chase’s rewards program, with the ability to earn triple rewards at your favorite stores. The cash back programs begin upon opening an account, and there is the option of switching from rewards to cash at any time, depending on your preferences. It has a decent, but not great, 18.24% APR rate for purchases, but those with spotty credit histories may find it easier to secure one of these than some of the other, much lower interest rate cards.

Borders 3-2-1 Platinum Visa® Card

The Borders 3-2-1 Platinum Visa Card is tied into Borders and Waldenbooks and may be the right card for you if you are a frequent patron of those establishments. You can earn rewards that include cash, gift cards for Borders, and travel rewards. Triple points are available by using the card to make purchases at Borders and Waldenbooks, and double points can be earned for all eligible gas, dining, and grocery purchases. The first purchase of any kind using the card automatically gives you 1000 bonus points.

Cigar Platinum Visa Card

An interesting reflection of your personal style can be had with the Cigar Platinum Visa Card. If you are a cigar enthusiast, this may be the card for you. It has an elegant design, showing a classic brand on each card, with plenty to choose from to accurately reflect your taste. As with many of the Chase Visa credit cards, the Cigar Platinum card offers emergency cash and car replacement programs, as well as lost and stolen card reporting and auto rental collision damage waiver.

As you can see, there is a Chase Visa credit card for almost any style and need. This is just a small sample of what Chase has to offer, so make your way over to their website to check out all of the cards and offers they have. Remember to take a glance at your free credit report before applying for any new credit card, and clean up any discrepancies you see in your report. It’s best to take care of it before sending in the application, just to make sure.