Gasoline is a necessity that is now in the same category as food, water and air. Driving to school, the office and to miscellaneous trips throughout the day can really eat away at the money in your bank account. When you are forced to drive many places and many miles, the use of agasoline credit card can be very beneficial.

A gasoline credit card is a credit card that provides you with a rebate or cash reward for your gasoline and gas station purchases. Cards such as the Chase Perfect card or Discover Open Road are gasoline cards. You earn up to six percent (6%) rebates on gas purchases for the first ninety (90) days. You earn three percent (3%) rebates on gas purchases for the first ninety (90) days.

There is a zero (0%) percent Introductory APR for up to a six-month period and no annual fee. For any of the other purchases that you make using your gas credit card you earn one (1%) percent rebate. A gasoline credit card can be very beneficial.

Top Five Benefits Of A Gasoline Card

1. Quick and easy – You can save time from having to pay with cash or trying to remember your PIN to your Debit card. Slide, pump and go.

2. Emergency expenses – If you are traveling out of town or out of state and a vehicle emergency occurs, your card can assist you in paying for towing or other needed purchases.

3. Earn rewards/rebates – While you purchase gasoline or that morning cup of coffee you are earning cash back rewards or rebates for future use.

4. Save money – By using your gas card you can prevent yourself from spending excessively out of your bank account. Using your gas card for gas only is helpful.

5. Build good credit – By using your credit card wisely and making timely payments you build solid credit history.

A gasoline credit card can be helpful in building credit, emergency purchases and earning rewards. By taking the time to review credit cards online, you can find the card that best suits your needs and may be just what you need for your next trip to the gas station.