The holiday season is here. Time for thoughts to turn to friends, family, and fun — unless, that is, you are one of the many people burdened with massive medical debt. Even when there is medical insurance coverage, there may be uncovered expenses that can total in the thousands or more left for the policy holder to pay. Medical debt does not have to darken this season of light. There is medical bill assistance available with just a click of the mouse.

Start at the Beginning

The first place to start finding help with medical bills is to know your rights. There are a lot of organizations available that will provide the information you need to know to understand your rights. Check out organizations such as The United States Federal Trade Commission or the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Both of these sites are good places to begin educating yourself on your legal rights. It’s easy to find more debt counseling sites when searching the internet for legal rights for debt collection.

Find help with medical bills you need without going further into debt

There are many organizations that will help you find a solution to your medical debt at no cost to you. Spend some time on the various sites looking at what they offer. You will find sites that simply provide a list of helpful resources. Should you want a complete debt service solution find organizations with counselors who are ready to help. Deciding ahead of time the amount of support you need will help you narrow down the list of available organizations. You can go it alone, but a debt counselor may have resources not readily available to you.

Develop an Attack Plan

Hiding from creditors is no way to enjoy the holidays. Using the resources available to you or help of a counselor you can create a strategy to pay down your debt. In addition to managing the medical debt, the plan should include a general financial budget that focus on letting you live your life. A counselor may even work with your creditors directly.

Taking control of your medical debt now will give you peace of mind. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?