Loyal Costco members will find great value in the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express. It is chiefly a cash back credit card that rewards card holders for using their card to buy gas, use for travel expenditures and restaurant purchases. All other purchases made with the card whether they be on goods or services earn a 1% cash rebate. There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn and there is no annual fee.

In order to be approved for this American Express credit card offer you must first be a Costco member in good standing. Card holders may, if they so desire, take advantage of the credit card balance transfer offer. It is an introductory offer that allows cardholders the opportunity to transfer existing balances from banks and credit card issuers other than American Express. It can mean substantial savings if you are currently paying a high interest rate on those cards.

This card can serve as both your Costco membership card as well as your American Express card. It’s nice to be able to refine and simplify things. And because this is an Amex card you are afforded all the features and benefits as other Amex card holders enjoy including purchase protection, extended warranties, auto rental and travel accident insurance, full fraud and liability protection and many other benefits that American Express account holders enjoy.