Tim Carney, the apple companyWashington Examiner, That unearths these numbers: Apple is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. But technology is the company giving the least to politicians. Spends the least on lobbying. In the top 15, Microsoft is at the top. The creator of Windows has rained $ 7 million in the corridors of Washington in 2010. Google? More than $ 5 million. It’s still three times more than Apple, last in the standings.

Th Apple’s business innovation. Time, it passes it to design and build computers, phones and tablets that throw you down. Creating thousands of jobs, and opens the way to entire industries. Not to eat filet mignon with a politician to elicit privileges. Language Facebook: I love.

(In defense of Microsoft, it must constantly defend themselves against charges of obstruction of competition, particularly for its Windows software. Hence the need to make friends in Washington … Also note that a company will lobby not necessarily in a Machiavellian purpose, and some simply have no choice.)

Even more surprising: the baby of Steve Jobs has never formed political action committee (PAC). This type of organization which raises funds for the campaign of your favorite politician, or influence the adoption of a law. A common practice among lobbyists in the U.S., including large companies.

The big myth
Take the opportunity to debunk a myth in tough economic discourse: the idea that large companies like the free market. They want less government, less government. Nothing is further from the truth. Large companies are interest groups like the others. Pulling the covered board, and try to stuff yourself – such as unions, professional associations and lobbies of all kinds – in the candy dish government. Whether sucking subsidies, or regulations that penalize their competitors. Many companies have a horror of true Capitalism, competition. They much prefer to state capitalism, as here in Quebec. Where one can succeed in becoming buddy-buddy with the proper official – talk to engineering firms and construction!

Do you seriously here, Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney, to take just two examples, wanted the state shrinks? They spend less? When 10 years, both companies have been together for hundreds of millions of dollars of your money in grants, almost zero interest loans and loan guarantees? Apple is certainly not as white as snow. Nor apolitical. His company gives to political parties, especially Democrats. It has a department of “General Government”, like any large company. It sustains an army of lawyers – like its competitors – to settle disputes patent. But Apple has built his kingdom devoting most of his energies to inventing remarkable products. Instead of playing the game policy, as too many companies do. On October 5, we lost more than a genius. We also lost a model entrepreneur.