Reward credit cards can be called as special cards designed to attract customers by offering gifts and reward points. The customers receive some reward points every time they purchase something using the card. Generally, you need to have a better than average credit rating so that your application for a reward credit card is approved. There are many different gifts and rewards that are offered by such type of credit cards.

Cash Back Cards
Cash back credit cards allows the customers to earn money back on purchases. Majority of these cards earn around 1 percent of the total purchase amount back for their customers. There are few cards that offer a higher percentage of cash returns on higher usage. Also, some of them offer a higher percentage of cash back at selected stores or for some particular goods. Since the maintenance of such accounts can be costly for the credit card company, the annual charges for such cards can be more than the normal credit cards.

Credit Cards Offering Reward Points 
The concept of reward point credit cards is quite simple. On every purchase that the card holder makes, some reward points are awarded which can later be redeemed for some specific rewards. The more you use the card, the more reward points you earn. A catalogue which contains gifts articles, airplane tickets, hotel stays, jewelry and other such rewards is available for the customers to choose from. Each of this option has a price in reward points. Once the card holder has the required reward points, he can opt redeem and enjoy these rewards.

These are just some examples of the kind of reward credit cards that are offered in the market. There can also be reward credit cards for special purposes such as gas bills, automobiles, medical bills and much more. Reward credit cards are generally very beneficial and can be effective if the bills are regularly paid from time to time.