There are two other debit card payments systems that are used for payment processing apart from the online and offline debit systems; the electronic purse card system and the prepaid debit card system.

Electronic Purse Card System

Electronic purse card system is yet another payment system which is widely in use throughout Europe for processing payments.The system is basically based on smart cards in which many values are stored and so the machine which accepts the payment does not require network connectivity.The electronic purse card has a memory which contains the first and second registers.

The major amount of currency or the account balance is being store in the first register whereas the second register holds the amount that can be withdrawn. When an electronic purse card is inserted in the transaction device, the amount which is to be paid is transferred only from the second register.

Naturally, the amount in the second register keeps on decreasing to a point where there is no withdraw able balance available. Some amount from the first register is then downloaded from the first one. This system helps immensely in keeping tab on expenses. The electronic purse card system is being used since 1990s in many European countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Prepaid Debit Card System
Prepaid debit cards, which are also knows as reloadable debit cards are used very often in case of payments that occur every month or after a regular interval of time. The funds are loaded by the person who has to pay to the card account of the cardholder in such transactions.

Prepaid debit card system is not completely a system by itself but it can make use of online as well as offline debit systems to process the transactions. These cards are useful for companies who have to pay their suppliers and vendors on a regular basis as it saves delays and other complications in check payments.