Merrill Lynch financial services is one of the most highly respected money management firms in the world. And now, through FIA Card Services, Merrill offers credit cards with very competitive interest rates and generous rewards programs. Merrill Lynch cardholders have the option to take advantage of their introductory interest rates which allows their customers the opportunity to transfer high balances held with with other credit card issuers to their Merrill Card.


This credit card offer is for people with good to excellent credit that value generous rewards programs. Take advantage of this offer by earning one point for every dollar you spend using your MERRILL Card. Points can be redeemed for any number of valuable merchandise and services including air travel, hotel reservations, auto rentals, select merchandise, gift certificates and many other unique offers.

This offer will be especially attractive to people that carry high APR balances with other credit card issuers. You may opt to transfer those high interest balances and take advantage of Merrill’s low introductory rates on balance transfers as well as cash advance checks. There is no annual fee and the MERRILL + Card offers additional benefits that are unique to this specific offer including concierge service that will assist you in securing reservations to restaurants, tickets to events and coordinating travel plans.

Total Merrill Cash Back Visa Card

For those consumers that have an excellent credit history and are looking for a credit card that features low interest rates along with a generous cash back rewards program, then look no further than the Total Merrill Cash Back Visa Card. This unique offer gives you the option of receiving a cash rebate check or having your credits deposited into your Merrill Lynch Cash Management account.

Many cash rewards cards charge high interest rates. That is not the case with Total Merrill. In addition to getting 1% cashback on all your purchases, you also receive a very high credit limit, up to $250,000, and a line of credit with very competitive interest rates. There are no annual fees and no limit to the amount of rewards points you can accrue. You can also take advantage of the low introductory APRs for balance transfers and cash advances.