A low interest rate can make or break you when paying off your credit card bills. If your credit cards interest rate runs at a high percentage, making the minimum payments each month will be taking care of the interest charge but not the principal. It can become a frustrating process of making payments and getting nowhere with your bills. To prevent this from occurring it is best to search for the lowest interest rate available.

By searching for low interest rate cards online you can visually compare several cards at one time. You can view the card details to help you decide which card will work best for you. By using key words such as low interest rate/ credit cards you will narrow down your search. By doing so you should see that a list of cards from the leading banks and issuers. Each card will show the card type, credit card company and the details of the offer.

Credit Card Offers

• Introductory APR – usually shows a 0% rate for the first 6 to 12 months.
• Standard APR – varies between cards. This percentage can be anywhere from 9.74% up to 18%.
• Annual Fee – Many cards do not carry an annual fee, though some cards such as those offering cash back can carry an annual fee of $30 to $100.
• Balance Transfer – the card will allow or deny this. A balance transfer is the movement of an existing credit card balance to be transferred to another credit card to help lower APR.
• Credit needed – this area lists what type of credit is needed for the card.
• Good to excellent credit varying on card benefits and credit amounts.

A low APR on your credit card can make your monthly payments and bill more manageable which leads to timely payments and good credit history. Take the time to review the low APR credit cards available and pay close attention to the standard APR amount. You will be glad you took this needed time when you are sending off your monthly payments.