This blog is mainly about what most people refer to as “saving for retirement” but I refer to as Financial Independence. “Retirement” is a word that makes me think of an old person sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket over their lap watching Oprah. To me it’s survival in old age. It’s dull. It’s boring. And, it’s an ending of your life as you know it. Instead, this blog is about how anyone can become Financially Independent.

To be Financially Independent means you’ll be able to live the lifestyle you choose for the rest of your life without having to work for the money to do so. But, it means so much more than that!

Financial Independence means you won’t need to depend on your children, grandchildren, friends, charities, or the Government to support you when you’re older. It means that you may, instead, be able to provide financial support to your family or others in need. You can take an entry level job in an exciting career field that you’ve always wanted to get into, but couldn’t afford the pay cut by leaving your old job. Start that business you’ve always wanted. Travel or take up a hobby. It means you now have the time to volunteer and help others who are less fortunate or in need. Whereas “retirement” denotes an ending, Financial Independence is the beginning of a new and exciting phase of your life.

The DIY Financial Independence Blog

Through this blog you’ll learn how to become Financially Independent. This isn’t a “get rich quick” plan, or a way to retire early. You won’t find any hot stock tips here. Instead, this is a place where you can find good, solid advice on how you can manage your money to become Financially Independent.

In the first few posts I’ll set the groundwork showing you how to put your money to work to become Financially Independent. I’ll introduce some simple ideas for paying off your debts. I’ll provide a way for you to live on a budget to free up money for investing. I’ll also show you how to make your money work for you through the magic of compound interest.

So you can get started soon rather than later I’ll introduce you to a Quick Start Guide to Financial Independence. Then, in following posts, I’ll help you understand why we do the things we do to help you stay on track. I’ll also tell you about “tweaks” to your strategy that’ll serve to maximize the growth of your savings. Interspersed in all the “How To” information I’ll keep you motivated with posts describing the many advantages of being Financially Independent.

Can You Really Do This Yourself?

Most people who are either not already Financially Independent fall into two main groups. There are those who mistakenly think Financial Independence is beyond their reach. And, those who think that to become Financially Independent you must enlist the help of highly paid financial experts.

I sincerely believe that Financial Independence is available to people with even modest incomes. You don’t have to be a professional working 60-80 hours a week. The biggest thing you’ll need is commitment. I have upcoming posts that will outline specific step by step actions that will teach you how to reach your goals.I’m going to write about concepts that are simple for everyone to understand. I won’t be recommending high-risk investments or chasing the “hot” stocks.  You won’t use advanced investing techniques like buying on margins, buying options, or short-selling. (I won’t even go into what those are.) You won’t need to learn how to understand company financial reports or complex financial ratios. You can become Financially Independent by spending only about 5 hours a yearmanaging your money.