Chase Platinum Visa Business Card


The Chase Platinum Visa Business Card is a credit card offer that is designed to meet the needs of those small business owners that are looking for a card that has a low introductory rate for both new purchases and credit card balance transfers. In fact, if you currently carry a balance with one or more banks or credit card companies that charge you a high annual percentage rate, you may want to take advantage of the balance transfer option to save what may add up to be a substantial amount of money.

It is also an excellent business tool in that it allows the cardholder the opportunity to monitor all expenditures made using the card through the quarterly spending reports provided online through the secure Chase web site. There is no annual fee and the interest rate charged is based on the credit history of the account owner. A stronger credit rating results in a lower APR. Be sure to carefully read the terms set forth on the application for this and any other credit card offer that interests you before you apply.

Because this is a Chase Platinum business card offer the card holder will enjoy the benefits that accompany it including emergency assistance including cash and card replacement, travel accident insurance, car rental insurance, purchase protection, full fraud protection and more. Purchases from select retailers for business related goods and services such as computer equipment and office supplies can earn a discount of up to 20%. These are some of the main features and advantages to having a Chase Platinum Visa Card.

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