Chase Business Cash Rewards Visa Card


The Chase Business Cash Rewards Visa Card is an excellent resource for those small business owners that have established a strong credit history and are looking for a cash rebate credit card. Not only will cash rebates be rewarded for using the primary card on the account, but purchases made on additional cards used by employees are also counted towards the cashback amount the account will receive.

Up to 5% cash back is rewarded every time the card is used and there are no limits as to how much cash rewards you will earn. The percentage paid back to the cardholder is based upon how much the card is used to make purchases in that particular billing cycle. Simply stated, the percentage of cash rebated to the card owner is based on a weighted, tiered system that rewards members more for spending more.

There are no merchant restrictions on where you shop, or what goods and services you use your card on. In other words, as long as you use your card, you will be earning bonus points that will put cash back in your pocket. Before you apply for the Chase Business Cash Rewards credit card, or any other card for that matter, be sure you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions set forth on the application.

This Chase business credit card offer has no annual fee. It also comes with 0% APR on new purchases for an introductory period. If you currently carry a balance with one or more banks or credit card issuers you may want to take advantage of the credit card balance transfer offer to save money and consolidate debt. Quarterly management reports are also issued to help track and manage expenses.

Note that upon expiration of the introductory interest rate on purchases and balance transfers, an APR will then be assigned to the account based on the cardholder’s credit rating. The better the credit history, the lower the annual percentage rate will be. There are several other features and benefits that accompany this Chase business card including purchase protection, auto rental insurance, emergency assistance and more.

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